Hawkman (or How I Had A Very Disappointing Afternoon)

I did another practice sketch today on my tablet thinking it would be easier this time. I was wrong. This sketch took me almost 2 hours to finish. I repeatedly drew and undid a lot of lines, circles, shadows, construction lines, and spent a lot of time looking for the right brush type. I never knew figuring this out can not only be frustrating, but also very disappointing with the output. I think it’s because I was trying too hard to draw and move my hands like I was drawing on paper, not thinking that different tools are needed to be handled differently.

I’m disappointed with the final product, but at least it was a learning experience.

Now back to more practicing!


2 thoughts on “Hawkman (or How I Had A Very Disappointing Afternoon)

  1. Russell. April 29, 2012 / 10:51 pm

    I think Hawkman turned out pretty good. I got a drawing tablet recently and find it frustrating to use too. I guess it takes a lot of practice before you get the hang of it. Soldier on!

    • Alex Cipriano April 30, 2012 / 2:38 pm

      Thanks man! Never give up, never surrender!

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