Daily Sketch Dump – #35 to #39


I had a pretty busy week, but I was still able to do my daily sketches although had no time to scan and post them by the time I get home from work. So let me just dump them all in one post!

#35- Random portrait

This was done during lunch, I was gonna do a pose but the rough paper forced me to settle with a portrait. I still need to work on how I draw my faces though. And I still don’t like rough paper.


#36 – John Prophet

I really like the current Prophet series from Image. It has this anime/european feel to it and the world-building is just marvelous. The story might not make sense to a lot of people, but as you go through it, you’ll eventually get it. sketch37

#37- Spider Jerusalem’s exploding decapitated son

Sometime this week, I got bored with the comics that I’ve been recently reading and though I should really try to finish reading Transmetropolitan. Now I regret not continuing to read it earlier. TransMet is such an intelligent book that it’s hard to imagine that it’s message is being delivered in comicbook form.


#38- Some more people in the train

Sometimes when I run out of ideas to draw, I just draw the people in the train on my way home. Most of them are just sleeping of fiddling with their smartphones.


#39- Robot

It’s not really a sketch, but whatever.  sketch40

And that’s it for 5 days of daily sketches! I’ll try to get back posting on a daily basis. But these dump posts are pretty good too because I can write some small stuff.


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