Game Purchases Reviewed: Resident Evil 5

Game Reviews

In my attempt to be more creative this year, I will start to write more about other things that I enjoy. One of those is playing video games. I had this habit of purchasing games, playing them, and not finishing it. Now, with limited time and budget, I carefully consider which games to buy, and decide to finish one or two, before buying another one. So with that, I present you my first entry on, hopefully, a series of short game reviews I will be doing throughout this year.

Shooting Zombies: 5

Shooting Zombies: 5

Title: Resident Evil 5

Platform: Xbox 360

If you’ve played Resident Evil 4, It’s basically a more action packed version of it. The game mechanics are similar, with minor improvements. The addition of a 2nd character barely affects the gameplay in Single Player mode, although I haven’t tried the multiplayer mode yet. Story-wise, it’s still very cheesy Resident Evil, nothing you should take seriously. I had some difficulty in figuring out how to defeat a boss or two, and also the final form of the final boss. The game feels a lot more arcade-y, if that’s even a word. In the older games, you try to avoid zombies/enemies and save ammo. Whereas in this version, you get graded as to how many enemies you’ve rounded up and killed. The ending sequence was a bit bland, but suited the game’s overall arcade feel. I enjoyed it, but I probably won’t be playing it again.

Score: 3/5 – It’s ok.


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