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Here’s a quick comic I did last night. I recently got a 3DS (my wife got it for my birthday), and I’m really enjoying the heck out of it. I’ve even played it more than my PS3/360 combined during the past month! Anyway, I’m almost done with A Link Between Worlds, and I’m thinking of getting Bravely Default next.


My Games of the Year for 2013


(This was originally posted on this thread, which is from a message board I’ve been part of since early 2001. Almost every year, there is a GOTY thread where members will give scores to the games they played that were released that year, and the scores will then be added up to determine the top 20 games voted by the community. Here’s my contribution.)

I didn’t play that many 2013 releases, so I’ll just rate the games I played:

The Last of Us – 20 points
It’s more of an interactive story rather than a game. The gameplay gets repetitive and a bit boring, but the story totally makes up for it. Although I’m not a big fan of zombies, this game’s take on the zombie genre was really entertaining, and the “shocking” moments in the game made the narrative a lot more gripping.

Tomb Raider – 30 points
I never really played any of the previous Tomb Raider games, and I’ve never played Uncharted prior to this. So it’s an entirely new experience for me playing a new character and a new type of game. This was a really fun game, the adventure aspect is really rich, and although the enemies on each level just serve as a things for you to kill to make it to the next level, it doesn’t take away the progression of the story. There could have been more puzzle solving and tomb raiding, but in the end it’s still a fun experience.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – 25 points
I didn’t like Raiden on MGS2, and when they announced this was going to be a hack n’ slash game, I was a bit disappointed. But when I played it, oh my golly, this game! It’s ridiculous how ridiculous this game is! I tried taking it seriously, but it’s just so bonkers you’ll just have to let go of everything you know and let the game take your hand and fly to fun land. This game was made for fun.

GTA V – 25 points
Another franchise that I had no interest in is GTA. I’m not a big fan of open world games. I never finished GTA 3. Vice City, and San Andreas. I never touched GTA IV. And I had no plans of playing GTA V. But I was intrigued! I was curious! They made this big sprawling city full of stuff to do, they had 3 protagonists you can switch to at any time, you can fly planes, cars, speedboats, submarines, and I actually think the story is interesting. The first few hours of the game is where I think it shone, I liked how the story leads you to each character and their own mini stories. But there comes a point later where you’re left on your own to do what you want. I guess the point of the game is to dick around until you finish everything, but I really liked the story progression in the first few hours and would have liked it if it stayed like that throughout the whole game. Still, it’s a really fun game. It’s also one of the games where I had to explain to my wife what it is all about.

STGCC 2013

Comics, Travels

Two weeks ago (Aug 31) I went to the biggest pop-culture convention in Singapore, the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention. There were a lot of Toys, a bit of comics, and a small amount of games. I’ve mainly roamed the Artists Alley looking for cool art and sketchbooks. I would rather spend my money to support the small artists rather than the big companies.

The rest of the pics are here.

my hand

the first of many Iron Men

obligatory Star Wars cosplay

check this guy out instagram.com/toolkit04

Joe Madureira with CB Cebulski and David Mack onstage

Carlo Pagulayan


big-ass Marvel booth

too many nervous guys flocking this cosplayer’s booth

Tales of Xilia

Hideo Baba & friends

one tired lady

animu cosplayers

looking for his AT-AT

she got upset at her boyfriend afterwards because he took a blurry pic

Wolverine and Deadpool

Hot Toys’ Iron Man Hall of Armor

Iron Men

Chun Li with claws, some Iron Men, Scarlet Witch, and Ms. Marvel cosplayers

they really like Chun Li with claws

Dragunov (Tekken)

from Halo ODST

Iron Scalp

David Mack (I should have used flash)

Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, and me

Komikon booth

Callous Comics booth

Armored Core fans wear awesome hats

the cosplay hall

those cameras are probably very zoomed in