Chinese New Year comics

Last week’s comics is a bit late due to mom and siblings visiting us on the weekend. This strip was done during the CNY celebration 2 weeks ago, my wife came up with the story and I did the silly drawings!



Making Progress!

Earlier this month, me and my friend John ( started a little project called “Chameleoff”. This is a webcomic we are collaborating on about a young Chameleon who is color blind, and how he interacts with his environment. It’s mainly written by John and I handle the art duties.

This is my first foray into sequential art. This serves as a good training ground for me in learning how to do comics and how to interpret scripts into visual cues. Even though it’s only 3-4 panels long, it’s still a good way for me to practice my storytelling skills.

So far we’ve only finished a couple of strips. We are aiming to launch it sometime this month and planning on keeping this up as long as we can. I’m pretty excited about this because that way I can practice on keeping a consistent output, and also develop my skills as we go along with the story.

Sure, you have tons of “how to make comics” books, watched a lot of instructional videos, and have the coolest tools and gizmos to use in making comics. But nothing beats learning how to do it by just really doing it.

Make sure to look for our new webcomic!