Losing a Dog


We had Whoopi since 1998, the year we moved to Cebu from Bicol. She was our first dog in Cebu. Aall our dogs in Bicol had to be given away to our neighbors since it was difficult for us to arrange their transport. She became our family dog. She had puppies, and eventually grandpuppies. She outlived 2 other dogs that we had, and was with the 4th generation of dogs in our family when she passed away. My mom said that she didn’t really die, but because she was too weak and was obviously in pain evertime she moved, they decided to call the local vet and get her euthanized.

Diary Comics – “Link”

Diary Comics


Here’s a quick comic I did last night. I recently got a 3DS (my wife got it for my birthday), and I’m really enjoying the heck out of it. I’ve even played it more than my PS3/360 combined during the past month! Anyway, I’m almost done with A Link Between Worlds, and I’m thinking of getting Bravely Default next.